The TRIO charge point is the best solution to optimise the number of rechargeable vehicles from a 32A supply. TRIO load shares as standard and can be configured with different load sharing strategies depending on your application. Equal sharing with capacity re-allocation as vehicle complete charging or prioritised sharing allows you to get the most out of a 32A supply.

OCPP 1.6 compliant the TRIO is packed with features for workplace, fleet or any car park location where you want to easily increase the number of charging sockets made available.

TRIO was developed to offer an affordable, durable and technology loaded charge point design that can help accelerate the provision of charging infrastructure. Developed by a team of innovative engineers from energy and automotive backgrounds the product has all the features you need and built to last with industry leading software, electronic & mechanical design.

Key Benefits

Always Online

Industrial 4G modem capable of using GPRS, 3G or 4G network with a roaming SIM to maximise connectivity.

OCPP 1.6 with market leading compression techniques to reduce data consumption and operating costs without compromising communication reliability.

Intelligence beyond smart

Intelligence isn’t about ticking a list of ‘smart’ features. TRIO delivers the next level of charging intelligence; monitoring and adapting its behaviour according to rules you can define.

Load management, reservation, access restriction and energy metrology all come as standard.


Why are most charge points designed to take up as much pavement or car park space as possible? TRIO maximises the amount of charging whilst minimising the footprint and  use of raw materials. Our enclosure is designed for strength and recyclability, when a TRIO is finally done we believe it’s materials need to be freed for their next adventure!

Supply Capacity Optimiser

Did you know many 3 phase charge points have that 5 pin socket with 32A available on 3 of the pins. When many cars plug in they use 1 of the pins and the other 2 32A supplies cannot be accessed by anyone else. Trio can split a 3 phase 32A supply and delivery 3 sockets of 32A single phase charging economically.

Integrated Safety

With built in 6mA DC protection protection on each individual socket, the latest edition of standards requirement for pilot line fault monitoring and an electronics architecture design without bloated operating software the TRIO is optimised toward providing safety monitored charging all the time, every time.

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Get into TRIO

Buy fully built, configured units and let us run it for you under our Park & Recharge mobility scheme. We love to run our TRIOs, we keen an eye on them for you and look out for them whilst you sleep. With MID approved energy meters TRIO can deliver accurately measured energy that you can bill for, cover those energy costs and the provision of the service economically.
Buy fully built units, decal/sticker with your own brand and run it yourself (or use a skinned version of our Park & Recharge CPMS and App). You can easily make TRIO your own with choices of colour and your brand on the TRIO, an APP and the management system running them. Our Hubeleon CPMS is brandable and we offer it in various configuration (CPMSaaS, Dedicated instance, software licence run where you like)
Build it yourself under licence, buy the bespoke bits from us and ride the lightening that is the life of a charge point manufacturer! (Don’t worry we’ll be here for you, we love makers, builders and anyone that wants to make eMobility happen – we keep software fresh and up to date so you can focus on making TRIO)
Got a burning design to style your own charge point? Take TRIO’s brain and guts and put in your own design. We can help with all the things you should be doing if you are going to go this route (IKxx, IPxx, EMC etc). We have an expert mechanical design team that can help you, 3D CAD and drawings that we can share to get you on your way.
TRIO sucks, we can do better! OK maybe you don’t like our design but no one can knock our engineering. If you want help and might want to licence a PCB that is a no nonsense 3 socket controller with OCPP & load management then we have a product that’s already seen blood, sweat, tears and then some more blood


3 Phoenix Contacts Type 2 sockets – these sockets are high quality from one of the EVSE component market leaders. Unlike cheap low quality type 2 sockets the Phoenix contacts design has silver plated contacts to reduce contact resistance, a motor actuator for gun locking where the pin is actively driven in the lock AND unlock motions.
Individual DC fault current ≥ 6mA DC and  Type A (30mA AC) residual current monitoring (RCM) on each socket.
Pilot line fault detection for both disconnection and -12v rail monitoring through out charge cycles.
Individual MID B+D Certified Energy meters per socket providing both accurate energy for billing and supply metrology for true ‘smart’ charging functionality (voltage, frequency, active versus reactive power, power factor & more).
Configurable load management/flexible supply configuration
Supply with either a single or three phase supply, choose between supply sharing or prioritisation for load management over different vehicle charging applications.
Access Manage or ‘Free Vend’ (or blend them that no other charge point can)
Control access to each socket individually by configuring for either free vend or access managed through RFID card or remote command (App, CPMS or API)
Reservation of sockets enabling booking, user priority or car club sharing of a mixed public and car club facility.


OCPP1.6 protocol backend communication
Network via LAN, WiFi or GSM
With an industrial grade modem TRIO can be networked via a wide range of communications options without compromising security. In built VPN encryption for secure interface to the back end CPMS.


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