Hubeleon Chargepoint Management System

Workplace or Business sites

Hubeleon Chargepoint Management System provides a simple way to manage billing and usage information of your chargepoints. Our full-service package provides call centre support for users, management of the RFID cards and managing of payments for charging, meaning the EV charging experience is handled for you.

The Hubeleon platform offers:

A simple route for customers to maximise the benefits of their EV chargers
Dashboard views of all installed chargers, providing uptime and fault information
Ticket systems to highlight issues raised by clients to be quickly attended and resolved
Clear reports available for management to show trends, carbon savings, usage and revenue generated
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Key Benefits

No hassle management of chargers – we run your workplace or depot charger operation so you don’t have to worry about them
Integration of multiple charger brands – you can choose the chargers which are right for your needs
Improved fault management and identification – reduce downtime and lost revenue caused by faults
Comprehensive reporting functionality for your management reporting needs
Training guides and support for using chargers for your users

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