Hubeleon Chargepoint Management System


Hubeleon Chargepoint Management System allows installers to offer their clients a simple way to manage billing and usage information needs, while receiving unrivalled insight into the condition of the chargers they have installed. We let the installers know when there are issues with chargers and undertake proactive maintenance before users have an issue, which saves cost and improves customer relationships. Our full-service package provides call centre support for users, management of the RFID cards and ticket desk system to highlight issues to the maintenance team quickly and efficiently.

The Hubeleon platform offers:

A simple route for customers to maximise the benefits of their EV chargers
Dashboard views of all installed chargers, providing uptime and fault information
Ticket systems to highlight issues raised by clients to be quickly attended and resolved
A range of hardware products to improve charger performance for your clients
Commissioning support to confirm the chargers are working on the system before you leave the site

We build all software in-house, meaning we can add features and tailor the solution to meet your business needs.

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Key Benefits

No hassle management of chargers
Integration of multiple charger brands – bringing all your chargers under one platform
Improved fault management and identification – save cost and enhance your reputation with your customers
Full visibility of a network or portfolio of chargers in one place
Training and support for using the software and installing our hardware range

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