Standard Controller

The Hubeleon standard controller combines market leading remote fault diagnostics and resolutions with static load limiting to offer a cost-effective solution for sites looking for simple management of their charging energy needs.

The controller works with a wider array of charging manufacturer products, giving flexibility to choose the solutions to meet your charging needs. It improves the communications reliability to ensure uptime is maximized, while enabling managed and recorded charge cycles even when external communications are lost.

Key Benefits

Reduced charger costs

Modems are no longer required in the chargers

Lower communications cost

Only one SIM needed to manage multiple chargers

Improved communications

To chargepoint
hardware systems

Removes risks of lost charge cycles

Impacting revenue earning potential from charger

Load & peak management

Maximises the potential charger installations at site

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Standard Controller Use Case

Locations with up to ten chargers located in close proximity
Chargers are located close enough to be connected via wired LAN connections
Clients require optimal uptime of the charging infrastructure
Lowering the cost of communications and chargers is important
Sites only require static load management


2G/3G or 4G Plus roaming sim card which can use any network
Local OCPP server – allows connectivity when GSM is down
Charge cycle caching – historical charging is stored and remembered to ensure complete records are maintained
Support for configuring and diagnosing chargepoints remotely
Static load limiter


OCPP1.6 protocol backend communication
LAN cabled to interface backend


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