Advanced Controller

The Hubeleon advanced controller extends the fault diagnostic and communications functionality of the standard controller with enhanced load management, metering and flexibility in connection options.

The precise site metering and EV power management means the site is effectively monitored and never exceeds the incoming supply. It increases the number of chargers which can be managed from a single controller and can actively manage the chargers against other energy assets on site, such as solar PV or batteries.

Key Benefits

Reduced charger costs

Modems are no longer required in the chargers

Improved communications

To chargepoint hardware systems

Maximises the number of chargers

Installed without impacting the electricity supply

AC load management management

Maximises the potential charger installations at site

Enables retrofit control of chargers

Without LAN or whether wired connections

Balances load

With renewables or energy storage on site

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Advanced Controller Use Case

Locations with up to twenty chargers located across a site
Chargers cannot be hard wired and/or legacy chargers are being added
Settings balancing energy load with renewables, storage
Sites where there is a desire to maximise the charge power relative to demand
High guaranteed uptime of chargers is required
Lowering the cost of communications and chargers is important


Wifi in addition to LAN
Site meter reading
Support for configuring and diagnosing chargepoints remotely
Basic load energy management (AC Charging)
Charge cycle caching – historical charging is stored and remembered to ensure complete records are maintained


OCPP1.6 protocol backend communication
3 Lan ports enable connection to Chargepoints
Modbus TCP/IP interface to other devices
RS485 interface for energy metering and other devices
Wan port enables interface to BMS or other existing site networks (solar inverter, battery storage)


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