Hubeleon Chargepoint Management System

is a software platform to support the management of EV charging points. It provides businesses with EV charging scheme management for networks, workplaces or public charging.

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The Hubeleon platform enables

Access management through charging points through app or RFID

Remote management and fault tracking

Utilisation management and reporting

Billing for use of chargers

Load management and interfaces with other assets and systems

We also offer a service package to fully operate the charger experience under our Park & Recharge brand.

This package includes call centre support for users, management of the RFID cards and ticket desk system to highlight issues to your chosen maintenance team.

Key Benefits

Generate revenue from your charging points
Works across multiple charger brands
Flexibility in tariff settings
Improved fault management and remote resolutions
Full visibility of a network or portfolio of chargers in one place
Load management maximises the potential of charger installations

Hubeleon Chargepoint Management
System For

Networks & Chargepoint


Workplace / Businesses